The Diversity Minor Program is designed to strengthen students’ understanding of how race, class, gender, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, religion, and age interact to define identities and social relations. The program brings cohesion to a variety of courses selected to increase students’ critical thinking about issues of diversity. The Diversity Minor provides an avenue for students to gain knowledge, skills and perspectives that are essential to civic participation, employability, and quality of life after graduation.

The University of Washington's diversity requirement asks all undergraduates take a minimum of 3 credits, approved by the appropriate school or college, that focus on the sociocultural, political, and/or economic diversity of the human experience at local, regional, or global levels. Some students find that after fulfilling the diversity requirement they would like to continue their studies in diversity, which is great. The Diversity Minor is here to fill that need!

Looking for information about the Diversity REQUIREMENT?

Criteria: While the Diversity MINOR and the Diversity REQUIREMENT have a lot of overlapping courses, it’s important to note that they use different criteria. This means that some of the courses that count toward the Diversity MINOR don’t count toward the Diversity REQUIREMENT and vice-versa.

More about the criteria for the Diversity MINOR and the Diversity REQUIREMENT

Diversity Minor Courses: To find courses that fulfill the Diversity MINOR, take a look at our course page. If you’ve taken a course that you believe meets the criteria of the Diversity MINOR but isn’t listed on our course page, schedule an appointment with the Diversity Minor Adviser.

Diversity Requirement Courses: To find courses that fulfill the Diversity REQUIREMENT, do a general education search for ‘Diversity Courses.’