Have a question about the Diversity Minor Program? Take a look to see if it’s answered below.  If not, then use this form to ask us a new question. We will get back to you soon.

Trying to contact an advisor or schedule an advising appointment? Check out our advising page for details.

Q1: The Diversity Minor sounds like a great program! How do I learn more and/or sign up?

Please schedule an appointment with Jamie Barnhorst, the Diversity Minor Advisor, by emailing divminor@uw.edu or c21@uw.edu! The advisor is here to answer questions about the program, help guide your inquiry, and assist in making connections between your academic major, general learning goals, and the Diversity Minor. You must have an officially declared major in order to declare the minor, but you are welcome to schedule a visit about the minor at any point.

Q2: When are office hours for advising?

Please email the advisor at divminor@uw.edu or c21@uw.edu if you would like to schedule an appointment.

The advisor's office is located in Padelford B507 (middle tower, 5th floor).

Q3: There is a course that I believe should count for the Diversity Minor. What steps do I take to make it count?

Students often ask whether past, present, and future courses can count for the minor. If there's a class that you believe might be a good fit, please provide a course description, syllabus (hard or electronic copy), and a brief description of how and why you think it connects to a specific area requirement in the minor. Here is where you can find information about the criteria of each category.

Please allow 5 working days to review couses.

Q4: Can transfer courses count for the minor as well?

Yes! 15 of the 25 required credit hours for the minor must be completed here at UW, so that means 10 credit hours (usually 2 courses) may be transferred in from another institution. Transfer courses must be approved as UW credit. Please arrange to submit a copy of the syllabus (hard or electronic copy) for review if the course does not transfer in as a direct UW course equivalent. If you no longer have your old syllabus, please try to contact your previous course instructor or department for a copy. Also indicate for which category (Arts/Cultural, Historical, Contemporary/Institutional, Global, or Applications) you seek consideration. Here is where you can find information about the criteria of each category.

Q5: My DARS report for the Diversity Minor is confusing. How can I make sure that I'm on track?

Send us an email anytime at divminor@uw.edu or c21@uw.edu. The advisor can either set up an appointment to go over your progress in person or email you the requirements that you've met so far.

Q6: Do I need to submit graduation paperwork for the minor? When do I do that?

You must contact the Diversity Minor advisor for graduation approval in order to have the minor transcripted on your record. Ideally, we try to complete all graduation applications by the 3rd Friday of the given quarter in which you intend to graduate. You may request a review of your record by emailing divminor@uw.edu or c21@uw.edu, and if complete, the advisor will create and submit a graduation application on your behalf. Graduation applications may be reviewed and approved up to one full academic year in advance.

Q7: How many classes can overlap between my major and the Diversity Minor?

With the Diversity Minor, you can take a maximum of 10 credit hours (usually 2 courses) within any one department, including your major department. So, for example, if you are an American Ethnic Studies major, you can only count two AES classes for the Diversity Minor, even though it might look as if you've completed all of the requirements for the minor with the AES classes on your DARS report. Aside from those two, you'll have to collect another 15 credits from other departments.

Q8: I tried to sign up for a class, but it's only open to students within the major right now! I was counting on that class. What should I do now?

You can try to contact the professor to see if s/he will give you an add code for the course, but unfortunately there are no guarantees. Feel free to let them know that you are a Diversity Minor student and that the course would help you complete the minor. If the course is crosslisted with a course in another department, check to see if you can sign up in through the other class instead. To prevent something like this from happening, try your best to plan ahead. You don't have to wait until the registration period begins to ask professors for add codes, and since there are usually waitlists, you'll want to jump on the list early. Remember to always prepare a backup plan just in case!