Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your community, and the world around you? Do you want to challenge your way of thinking and step outside of your comfort zone? The Diversity Minor will empower you to do just that by providing you exposure to new and different perspectives.

Here’s what our current students and recent graduates have to say about the benefits of being in the Diversity Minor:

  • “The Diversity Minor allowed me to take other types of courses I would have not been as open to or thought about taking before. The minor also helped me to think more critically about topics such as race, ethnicity, identity and education.” –Taylor Ahana-Jamile
  • “The Diversity Minor gave me the opportunity to take courses I was passionate about outside of my major requirements. I was able to truly learn during my college years and not just complete requirements to earn a degree. The minor program gave me the opportunity to gain knowledge about other cultures and experiences different from my own. This gave me a rewarding experience at the University of Washington which enabled me to become a better knowledgeable and empathetic leader in my community.” –Miko Guzzardo
  • “Great classes! Great conversation in class, fun to learn about other cultures along with my own. These classes were ALWAYS diverse so I was happy to see that and feel like I wasn't an ‘other.’” –Daylee Baker
  • “It was the highlight of my UW academic experience.” –Shontia Copeland-Walton
  • “I was able to take a wide variety of courses about the diverse experiences of people in the United States and I learned so much about myself along the way!” – Virginia Peoples
  • “It's allowed me to expand not only my academic knowledge of issues concerning power, race, and equity, but also the way that I interact with people through practice of Diversity Minor course concepts.” –Charlene Hsia
  • “It has helped broaden my perspective and made me recognize my privilege in a way that has helped me be an informed citizen & ally to various communities.” –Abbie Hanson

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