Our faculty come from a wide range of College of Arts & Sciences departments—American Ethnic Studies, History, Disability Studies, GWSS, among others. If you'd like to to learn more about our core faculty members, those who teach our Foundations courses, take a look at their profiles linked below.


  • Jose Alaniz Bio Picture

    Jose Alaniz

    Director of the Disability Studies Program; Professor
  • Linda Ando

    Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Academic Adviser/Counselor Lead, Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity
  • Rick Bonus

    Rick Bonus

    Director of the Diversity Minor Program; Associate Professor of American Ethnic Studies
    rbonus@uw.edu / 206 543-3929 / B-527 Padelford Hall
    AES 151: Identities, Cultures, and Power Across American Ethnic Groups
  • Carmen Gonzalez

    Carmen Gonzalez

    Assistant professor in UW’s Department of Communication and Associate Director for the Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity
    cmgonzal@uw.edu / (206) 543-2660 / CMU 327
    COM 289: Communication, Power, and Difference
  • Enrique Gonzalez

  • James Gregory

    James Gregory

    gregoryj@u.washington.edu / 206-543-7792 / Smith 118
    HSTAA 105:The Peoples of the United States
  • Lorna Hamill

    Lorna T. Hamill

    Academic Adviser
    lthamill@uw.edu / 206-221-0664 / B504 Padelford Hall
    Office Hours:
    • Mon-Fri; Lunch 12:00pm - 1:00pm
      9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Judith Howard Bio Picture

    Judith Howard

    Divisional Dean of Social Sciences; Professor
  • Regina Lee

    Regina Lee

    rylee001@uw.edu / (206) 221-0710 / PDL B110D
    GWSS 200: Introduction to Women Studies
  • Leilani Lewis

  • Cherry Banks Bio Photo

    Cherry McGee Banks

  • Gail Nomura

  • Michael Vicent Perez

    Michael Vicente Pérez

    mvperez@uw.edu / / Condon Hall 434
    ANTH 228 Identities: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Anthropology
  • Ileana Rodriguez Silva

    Ileana Rodriguez-Silva

    Associate Professor of Latin American and Caribbean History
    imrodrig@uw.edu / 206-543-6081 / SMI 204C
    HSTLAC 185: Race, Gender, and Class in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Stephen Sumida

    Stephen Sumida

    sumida@uw.edu / (206) 543-6301 / B-515 Padelford Hall
    AES 212: Comparative American Ethnic Literature
  • Amanda Swarr

    Amanda Swarr

    Associate Professor, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies; Director of Graduate Studies
    aswarr@uw.edu / (206) 221-4669 / PDL B110Q
    GWSS 200: Introduction to Women Studies
  • Ed Taylor Bio Picture

    Ed Taylor

    Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs; Professor in the College of Education
  • Jen Tran Bio Picture

    Jennifer Tran

    Student Assistant
  • Joanne Woiak

    Joanne Woiak

    jwoiak@uw.edu / 206-616-7580 / 019 Smith Hall
    LSJ 230: Introduction to Disability Studies